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Adele Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Adele Nose Job Before and After Pictures

in America, many popular and successful singers. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and many more. They are loved by the people around the world. Adele is one of them.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is quite popular as a singer in America. One of her hits songs was Someone Like You (2011). This song made her name reached the top of her career as a singer. And in 2015, the song “Hello” has been known worldwide.

What makes this popular singer brought to this site? It was caused by some loud rumors. Adele was listed among the popular stars who went under the knife. And in Adele’s case, she may have a rhinoplasty. Adele nose job could be seen from the before and after picture. Do you agree?

Adele nose job

Who doesn’t know nose job? It’s medically called rhinoplasty. And this procedure has been done by many people especially by the celebrities. Some of them did a nose job to get the perfect nose. Jennifer Aniston was one of the stars who did nose job more than once. Some medias said that she did it three times.

Adele also did a nose job. And the change of the nose is clearly seen. Adele used to have bigger and brighter nose and the tip also looked more bulbous. After the nose job, her nose turned into a slimmer and straighter. The bulbous tip no longer appears. Adele nose job was done nicely.

A plastic surgery expert, Dr. Renato Calabria also shared his opinion about Adele plastic surgery. The doctor noticed that the rhinoplasty has reconstructed the cartilage. And it also reduced the size of her nose.

Share your opinion related to Adele nose job. Do you think that she got successful plastic surgery?


Morgan Fairchild plastic surgery

The veteran actress, Morgan Fairchild may have surprised many of you. If you guess her current age, you might answer 50 or 54, etc. But the fact is, Morgan Fairchild has been 66. What does she look like today? You can see Morgan before and after picture. She still looks so smooth and fresh. She looks much younger than women of her age. Morgan Fairchild plastic surgery had made her appearance glow.


Morgan Fairchild botox and facelift

Morgan ‘s current face looks obviously like the result of successful facelift. The procedure has made her face younger. She got a very fresh and tight skin. The people believe that the facelift has been done very well. It’s too good to be natural one. Besides, the botox injection also made her forehead so smooth and wrinkle-less. She just got very good rejuvenation program. Despite that it was unusual.

Morgan may feel great after the procedures she had. She can confidently stand around the other younger stars.


Morgan Fairchild boob job

If you take a look on the size of her boobs, you may have the same idea. Her boobs just turned bigger and rounder now. It seems she had done a beauty enhancement to get perfect boobs. Don’t you agree that her big boobs were achieved by the doctor’s help? You can comment below.




Lady Gaga plastic surgery fact or rumor?

The all American superstar was born on March 28 1986 and received plenty of music awards in her career. She sold almost 30 million albums worldwide and 140 million singles. She has already 6 Grammy awards. She was considering the laser therapy that melts fat under the skin. There is gossip that she considered liposuction before her wedding. There have been rumors that she has undergone botox and facial fillers.

Lady Gaga and Nose Job – rhinoplasty?









There have been several rumors in the past years about possible plastic surgery of Lady Gaga.

The most loud were about her nose. On the before picture the nose looks more round with raised and thicker nose bridge. Her nose seems to be smaller and shorternow. The size of her nostrils seems reduced and her nose bridge narrower.