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Maria Menounos plastic surgery

Maria Menounos is an American actress. She is also quite popular as a professional wrestler. Some of you might admire her so much. Seeing a popular person who is also a wrestler is a special thing. Not all the celebrities did the same thing like she did. Talking about her appearance, the 38 years old actress was also the target of rumors to be one of the celebrities who went under the knife. There are two major procedures that she may have. Those two include nose job and boob job.

Maria Menounos nose job

You may compare between her appearance in 2006 and 2016 (see the picture). It seems she had a rhinoplasty. The shape of her current nose looked straighter tan before. The nose job may have reshaped the tip too. Don’t you notice it? However, not all the people seem to agree with the speculation. Some of them think the change on her nose was caused by make up.

Maria Menounos boob job

Another plastic surgery speculated is the boob job. Some medias reported that Maria’s current boobs are much bigger than the ones she used to have. That’s why Maria Menounos boob job rumor spread. Have you seen the picture above? The difference of the boob size looks obvious. Do you have the same idea that Maria Menounos had a boob job?

Share your opinion in the available box.


Winona Ryder plastic surgery

Winona Ryder is an American actress. She is earlier known for starring n old movie, Lucas (1986). And she had already starred various titles of movies. They included Black Swan, Beetle Juice, etc. In 2016, she also took a role in a new Thriller series of Netflix, Stranger Things. She played as Joyce.

Winona Ryder got a role in popular movie Black Swan, where she played alongside other top actresses, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. There’s no doubt if she was listed in iconic and profitable actresses list.

Talking about her appearance, Winona Ryder has been 44 years old now. And she has changed. The people notice that the aging was not the only factor that made her different. Winona may have beauty enhancements too. Nose job and boob job were said as the plastic surgeries that she may get.

Winona Ryder nose job

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is no longer a new thing among the popular people. This procedure has been done by several. Despite it takes so much cost. Winona Ryder may have undergone a nose job too. The sign of the procedure can be seen from the shape of her nose. It seems that rhinoplasty has reconstructed the nose a bit. Her current nose looks having a straighter shape. She may reshaped the tip of the nose too.

Makemeheal has reported about Winona Ryder nose job. On that website site, Dr. John Di Saia has confirmed about the possibility of the nose job. The procedure was done nicely. More importantly, Winona was still recognizable.

Winona Ryder boob job

Another major surgery that she may have had are the breast implants. The change on the boob size was the reason why Winona Ryder boob job is possible. We do believe that her boobs got enhancement. The boobs look much bigger and rounder than the ones she used to have. Don’t you see it?

Further, some people also speculated about her fresh look. They thought if Winona got beauty enhancement to keep her fresh look. However, we don’t see any major surgery on her face. If she did a thing, then it might be botox injection. This procedure could keep her away from wrinkles.


Tom Cruise teeth – lost and missing tooth and possible facelift or botox

You might have heard about the rumors of his bad teeth in the past. When the man has the most famous smile in the world, he should have a proper and nice teeth needed for that. In the past he already tried the teeth correction, wearing braces to fix his front teeth. It wasnt helping much back then. Now everybody talks about his right upper front tooth to be in the middle of his face. ( observe the pictures with drawn line of symetry.)

Actually Tom cruise is quite familiar with plastic surgery procedures. When he appeared in BAFTA 2016 there were really loud rumors that his face is lacking wrinkles and his skin on the face is much more tight and elastic. He also looked puffy and that triggered the rumors about cosmetic procedures he may have undergone. One of the most noticeable changes is his big smile and his tooth being right under the line of symmetry. although it looks quite ok, we think he will undergo further procedures and corrections. What do you think? Did he undergo cosmetic dentistry procedure?Its quite obvious, isnt it?



Ariana Grande plastic surgery before and after pictures

Ariana Grande is young and talented singer in The US. She is only 23 years of age. Her name has reached the top of the success. One of her popular song was Bang Bang. She collaborated with other two popular stars, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J. She might be one of the most successful young singers at this time, alongside Taylor Swift.

Talking about her appearance, Ariana Grande was reported having plastic surgery to enhance her looks; and it was seen from the shape of her nose. That means she probably had a nose job. Ariana Grande nose job looks obvious, if you compare the before and after picture.

Ariana Grande nose job

Why don’t you try to find it by comparing the pictures? When she was young, Ariana had a nose with more bulbous tip. And now, you realize that the nose has changed. Her current nose looks slimmer than before. The nose job should have reconstructed the nose. The bridge of her nose also appears with straighter shape.

In America, nose job is quite popular among rich and famous. Nicki Minaj, the sexy rapper in America, also got her nose done. She even got butt and breast implants too.

Ariana Grande plastic surgery through nose job has not been confirmed. But the people are pretty sure that the young singer has gone through it. What do you think of this speculation? Does the picture show you enough of proof?


Adele Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Adele Nose Job Before and After Pictures

in America, many popular and successful singers. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and many more. They are loved by the people around the world. Adele is one of them.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is quite popular as a singer in America. One of her hits songs was Someone Like You (2011). This song made her name reached the top of her career as a singer. And in 2015, the song “Hello” has been known worldwide.

What makes this popular singer brought to this site? It was caused by some loud rumors. Adele was listed among the popular stars who went under the knife. And in Adele’s case, she may have a rhinoplasty. Adele nose job could be seen from the before and after picture. Do you agree?

Adele nose job

Who doesn’t know nose job? It’s medically called rhinoplasty. And this procedure has been done by many people especially by the celebrities. Some of them did a nose job to get the perfect nose. Jennifer Aniston was one of the stars who did nose job more than once. Some medias said that she did it three times.

Adele also did a nose job. And the change of the nose is clearly seen. Adele used to have bigger and brighter nose and the tip also looked more bulbous. After the nose job, her nose turned into a slimmer and straighter. The bulbous tip no longer appears. Adele nose job was done nicely.

A plastic surgery expert, Dr. Renato Calabria also shared his opinion about Adele plastic surgery. The doctor noticed that the rhinoplasty has reconstructed the cartilage. And it also reduced the size of her nose.

Share your opinion related to Adele nose job. Do you think that she got successful plastic surgery?


Morgan Fairchild plastic surgery

The veteran actress, Morgan Fairchild may have surprised many of you. If you guess her current age, you might answer 50 or 54, etc. But the fact is, Morgan Fairchild has been 66. What does she look like today? You can see Morgan before and after picture. She still looks so smooth and fresh. She looks much younger than women of her age. Morgan Fairchild plastic surgery had made her appearance glow.


Morgan Fairchild botox and facelift

Morgan ‘s current face looks obviously like the result of successful facelift. The procedure has made her face younger. She got a very fresh and tight skin. The people believe that the facelift has been done very well. It’s too good to be natural one. Besides, the botox injection also made her forehead so smooth and wrinkle-less. She just got very good rejuvenation program. Despite that it was unusual.

Morgan may feel great after the procedures she had. She can confidently stand around the other younger stars.