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Madonna Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor? Botox, Facelift, Nosejob, Eyelid Surgery?

Madonna Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor? Botox, Facelift, Nosejob, Eyelid Surgery?


Madonna the pop icon back from the 80s has been an easy target of plastic surgery rumors for the past decades. There have been several rumors about her getting botox, breast implants, cheek fillers, eye-lift, neck lift, forehead surgery, nose job.

Madonna is now at the age of 58 and has been the most successful female singer of all time. She sold nearly 300 million records and she is known to be an actress and a businesswoman too. He is also in Mensa society, which means her IQ is among 2% of the population. She was one of the greatest sex symbols in 80s and 90s and remained looking good for a woman of her age through 2000 and on. There have been several gossips that she started with cosmetic surgery procedures already in the 80s, but the effect from procedures became more apparent in the 90s and on.

Madonna and cheek fillers

In the recent photos she appears with cheeks which are far more full and tight than before, although she claims that is the effect of her nutritious diet and vitamin C. Some argue that those result can not be achieved naturally, so she could be getting cheek fillers to make her cheeks looking younger and fresh. The cheek implants are out of the question since when she talks or smile her cheeks are moving up and down in a natural way.

Madonna and nose job – rhinoplasty

She denied all the rumors of getting a nose job and once said in an interview: “I am not going to hold a press conference if I have plastic surgery. But I’ve said many times, I think about it and I sure don’t rule it out.” Experts and plastic surgeon share the opinion that her nose looks radically different from her early age. In fact she used to have more rounder nose with bigger bridge, but now her nose looks narrower and with a sharp tip.

Madonna and eyelid surgery

Madonna assured that her secret is the cream of Dr. Brandt which is vitamin E and C and green tea rich but Dr. Khan argues that he can see the difference on her upper and lower eyelid which can not be done without a surgical procedure. The eyes look more fresh, bigger and the skin around them looks tight and elastic.

Madonna getting botox and lip fillers rumors

Madonna often claims that her outer beauty comes from her orientation to inner beauty and Kaballah, but its hard to believe that at the age of 58 she has a forehead without wrinkles more suitable for a woman in her early 30s. Plastic surgeons argue that its hard to believe such result would be achieved with exercise, meditation and healthy diet only. They raised the question that Madonna has undergone botox procedure. There have also been a rumors about lip fillers. Her lips in the early photos look much smaller and thinner, but now they are bigger and fuller. What is your opinion? Is it possible that such a look is the effect of healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet or there is no way to achieve younger look without cosmetic surgery? You can comment below.

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