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Jennifer Lawrence Nose Job – Fact or Gossip?

Jennifer Lawrence nose job

Jennifer Lawrence is an attractive and talented actress. You might know her staring in popular movie “The Hunger Games”. She played as Katniss Everdeen, the main character of the movie. In December 2016, her latest movie “The Passengers”, a science fiction movie, will be released. She played alongside Chris Pratt.

Talking about her appearance, she actually became a hot topic in some plastic surgery forums. She was listed among the popular stars who had undergone plastic surgery. One of plastic surgery procedure that looks obvious was the nose job (medically called rhinoplasty).

Jennifer Lawrence nose job

Nose job is no longer new thing among the celebrities. This procedure has become the most common one. Many celebrities did the same. Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, etc. are in the list. Jennifer Aniston even did it more than once. She was said having nose job to get the best shape. Jennifer Lawrence did it as well. And the sign of the nose job is seen clearly. You can compare the before and after picture. Jennifer Lawrence used to have wider nose with a more bulbous tip. There was also a little bump on the bridge of her nose.

After the nose job, now her nose looks slimmer and straighter. It’s no longer fat nose like she used to have. Jennifer Lawrence nose job could be said it went well. She also looks so confident with her new look. More importantly, the nose job didn’t make her unrecognizable. You might remember Jennifer Grey who regrets her decision having a nose job.

How do you see Jennifer Lawrence nose job? Do you think it was good work? Leave your comment in the box.

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