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Antonio Banderas Plastic Surgery?

Antonio Banderas might be the most popular Spanish Actor. He is very popular for starring various titles in action movies. You may remember “Desperado” in 1995. He played alongside Salma Hayek. He looks great in that movie. He successfully performed his role as El Mariachi.

Talking about his appearance, the Melanie Griffith’s Ex-Husband was rumored having a beauty enhancement to keep his appearance young. In some forums, Antonio Banderas plastic surgery has become hot topic. Could it be true?

Antonio Banderas plastic surgery speculation is still unproven. There’s not enough proof to claim it. We didn’t see any sign of major plastic surgery on his face. If only he really did a thing. It should be botox injections.

Antonio is getting older. He looks a bit thin now. In fact the sign of aging has already approached him. If you take a look at the fore and after picture, you might guess about what he did to keep his face looking young.

The picture on the right is Antonio today. He looks without wrinkles on his forehead.

This is an indication of botox injections. But, it would be a different story if he got fresh look as a gift from God. He got “handsome gene”.

Moreover, to the media. Antonio Banderas had explained that he has no desire to let the surgery knife touching his face. Antonio stated,

”I’m not going to touch my face. I’m not going to put Botox and all that (expletive) in it. No, no, no. I will get older naturally.”

Seeing from the statement, he actually explain directly that he has no intention to get any plastic surgery. He might feel worried to be like his wife. Because Melanie Griffith didn’t get better appearance with plastic surgery.

What do you have in mind about possible plastic surgery of Antonio Banderas?

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