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Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery: nose job and boob job

Salma Hayek plastic surgery through nose job and boob job

There’s no doubt that Salma Hayek is attractive and hot, The Mexican-American actress has become very popular. And Of course she got a lot of fans. She performed alongside Antonio Banderas in Desperado. François-Henri Pinault is the luckiest man who has her heart and love.

Talking about her appearance, Salma Hayek is still hot, despite her age which is 50 years old. She also got curvy body shape. In this case, some Medias reported about Salma Hayek plastic surgery possibility. There were speculation about her getting boob job (breast implants). Besides, there were also nose job rumors.

Salma Hayek nose job

If you compare the before and afterimage you may realize she has undergone plastic surgery procedures. Her current nose appear in a new shape. The current nose looks a bit slimmer. The tip of the nose also looks a bit smaller now. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer have told the world about Salma Hayek nose job. The doctor believes that Salma had undergone rhinoplasty. The nose job was successfully done. It looks fitting to her face.

Salma Hayek boob job

Another plastic surgery that looks obvious was the boob job. It is seen clearly in the picture above. The boob’s size turned bigger and rounder than before. It should be the result of boob job. Don’t you agree? Some people are wondering why she did a boob job. Could it be the reason to boost her confidence? She looks enjoying her appearance. She looks much sexier and curvier now.

Breast implants and nose job are two of most popular plastic surgery chosen by female celebrities. There are many popular people who did the same procedure. Jennifer Aniston is one of them. Jennifer got nose job more than once. And she is said to have boob job as well.

Did she get another plastic procedure?

If she did, then it should be botox. Considering her age, she may have got botox injections. What do you think of Salma Hayek plastic surgery? Leave your reply in the comment box below.

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